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    How Do I Remove an Old VIN From My Interface/Account?

    Indeed. And, for those who bother to do, you know, a tiny bit of math: if you think you *might* eventually go unlimited, then obviously the 10 VIN is the better bargain.
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    Wiring help (2007 VW Rabbit)

    Not to mention, those of us who have wiring diagrams and are willing to spend a few minutes pouring over them to help could use the information of production date and engine code supplied by the auto scan...
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    F-1 here we (VW) come!

    Love it, been waiting for them to finally do this for forever. The rumors have been swirling for years on this. Though dieselgate had a lot to do with their delay in making it happen... Pretty sure they were within a season or two of making a serious entry when dieselgate hit them. Was a real...
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    Markets, Money and More........!!!!

    Welp... interest rates are ratcheting up and the beatings in the market have continued from the January slide. Looking pretty ugly out there. Interestingly, the Fed balance sheet has actually come down ever so slightly from end of January numbers. But, clearly, the removal of liquidity has a...
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    Coding ABS Module (MK60EC1 & 2012 NMS modules in a T3 Chassis)

    You're going to have a real hard time coding it if you also don't have a brake pressure sensor in the master cylinder or steering angle sensor. Whenever you swap in a Mk60 ABS that needs to be recoded, the coding will NOT save unless you also do the basic settings calibrations of the various...
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    2004 VW New Beetle TDI BEW Loss of Power

    It's a PD (BEW code), so... no. There's no injection pump to time. Just cam to crank correlation. The 'tandem pump' is driven by a slot off the back of the camshaft, but the injection timing is done by the computer's control over the solenoids on the injectors, but the cam timing does play a...
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    01-Engine -- Status: Cannot be reached 1100

    Pins 1 and 2, brown wires, are ECU ground. 3 and 5, red and green wires, are switched power. Not entirely unusual to get some continuity between them, especially while the ignition is off. I would be more concerned over finding if you're getting 12V to pins 3 and 5 when the key is turned on...
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    A/C technical questions

    "Mobile refrigerant pressure flashes between 11.4 bar and “low pressure event”." That doesn't sound right. You sure you don't have a refrigerant pressure sensor that's causing your AC fits? Or possibly a compromised wire to that sensor?
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Made an emergency run to California for some necessary paperwork I had unwittingly left in a storage unit from my move, drove down second half of Wednesday, was surprised to find out that the state government had already lifted their mask requirements while Oregon and other West Coast states...
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    EGR System and engine light

    Then I guess it's a good thing diesel cars BEFORE tier 2 bin 5 were emitting somewhere around 0.7 g/mi NOx while 25 MPG gas cars emit something like 355 g/mi CO2 :rolleyes: Where the 45 MPG diesel car is emitting more like 226 g/mi CO2... CO2 is the primary content of exhaust gas, the actual...
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    EGR System and engine light

    Here's where my diesel-loving ass gets sort of argumentative. Which pollutant are we talking about specifically? Because by my count, the only two pollutants diesels make more of than comparably sized/output gasoline engines is NOx and particulates--and that's only if it's not a modern diesel...
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    Readiness issue

    Start car, let it idle and warm up a bit. Loosen the gas cap to release pressure, re-tighten it. Login to engine computer, run basic setting 71. See what result you get. If it detects a leak or not. If it does, same process, loosen gas cap, re-tighten... this time clamp the hose to the N80...
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    Life with / after CAN (FlexRay , Ethernet DoIP) !

    You're a good dude, Uwe. I don't care what they have to say about ya! :D
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    Life with / after CAN (FlexRay , Ethernet DoIP) !

    Are you really talking me out of spending more money with Ross-Tech? :D One of the rare, honest salesmen of their wares. Love it. The product really does speak for itself.
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    Life with / after CAN (FlexRay , Ethernet DoIP) !

    Dangit, now I gotta go buy another Hex-NET. My HN1 serial no. Hex-NET has been awesome thus far, though. Must... have... latest... and greatest.