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    Audi/VW Dsg interchangeable?

    I'm pretty sure it will bolt up and CAN function, but the snafu you might run into is 'component protection,' which generally means you need to have the factory scan tool to match the component to the car. VCDS cannot do this. On older DSGs, it was mostly just a matter of running the basic...
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    GOP-funded Maricopa county recount affirms Trump loss

    And, not only does it affirm Trump's defeat, they actually say their recount shows Trump lost by a wider margin than the official results stated. Bigger question, will those who believe in the Trump lie about election fraud eventually come around to reality? Or is the grift going to continue...
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    Markets / Economy

    Wow, those are dangerous stocks to try to jump on... sub-penny. I mean as a general rule, OTC pennies are a dangerous place to dabble... even moreso those that are sub-penny. 'Rumors' start circulating that so and so is going to buy that ticker, do a 'reverse-merger' or turn the dead ticker...
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    SpaceX sticks the landing perfectly!

    Holy crap, now there's a show I haven't thought about in a minute. That 'new' version of BSG was pretty entertaining to watch. As for the SpaceX deal... that was absolutely surreal to watch. The maneuvers it did looked almost like CGI it was so wild. Hugely impressive the out of the box...
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    I like what he did there. He initially said "The Senate will not be able to even consider voting on this until January 19." Now that they have finally gone through the whole process, his answer is "Why would we impeach a president no longer in office?" lol. I see what you did there, turtleman...
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    Markets / Economy

    Man, have I been down a Wallstreet-related rabbit hole this last week. I have learned a LOT, though. First thing I kind of glommed onto was a knowledgeable sounding trader who pointed out a pattern of rises and falls in the $GME stock price in relation to when news comes out of how many short...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    It is indeed a travesty. And this is far from the first example of this specific, glaring shortcoming of how we approach healthcare in this country. As for why it's this way, we could likely point to two possibilities. First of which is the for-profit nature of healthcare in a way actually...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    Seems very likely to me this is the reality as well. The Qanon conspiracies are vast and widespread especially since the start of the pandemic, plus there's an insane number of people who are amped up to burn the whole system to the ground right now thanks to these fabrications. The feds have...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    FWIW, Fox News and Newsmax also gave similar retractions in December. And I promise Fox has far more resources than Dominion.
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    American Thinker issues a retraction on lies about Dominion Voting systems, just the latest in a string of right wing outlets to do so as Dominion slings defamatory lawsuits at them. If they felt they had solid proof of the claims, they wouldn't be shaking in their boots and issuing retraction...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    I may also add to the above that from what I'm reading, in the next two decades there WILL be massive job losses regardless of policy changes designed to keep jobs from being shipped overseas. The Mid West has already experienced it, but it absolutely can be argued that the automotive sector...
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    I'm sure McConnell sees it the other way, saving his party from MAGA and Qanon absurd conspiracies. Either way, it's a fracturing of the right and Republicans will either hold strong with their traditional conservatism and lose their base or begin to conform to some of the MAGA crowd's desires...
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    erWIN - Audi

    Most of the factory repair information starting in the early to mid 2000s will instruct you to use "Guided Fault Finding" for almost everything. Basically, it's a script that automates specific jobs for you so you don't have any idea how to do it manually using a tool like VCDS. Long story...
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    Markets / Economy

    Couple friends of mine in Virginia who bought a Model 3 have a "BNKWPT" license plate for the car. :D
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    Indeed. He literally stood at a rally down the street from the Capitol, literally urged his followers to march over there and when Pence merely was doing his constitutional duty, Trump publicly calls him out and that's when the crowd attempts to push through the barriers. "Never give up, never...