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    Just stopping in to say Hi...

    I haven't been on since my last oil change and to see if it was time for an VCDS update... So got that done and this old man is staying home unfortunately I can't do my job from home. Stay safe all.
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    HEX-V2 update

    Hello everyone, I missed out on my update today, my internet was slow and the update timed out and I'm trying to do it again, should I wait for another auto update? Usually the file goes to my Download folder but don't see it.
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    2012-GTI-2-0L-TSI-(CCTA) MK6 Oil drain plug issue

    Hello everyone, I need some help solving my drain plug/crush washer issue I’m having with oil dripping from oil plug seal. This will be my 3rd oil change I’ve done myself on this vehicle and can’t seem to get this part right. I always replace the drain plug with a new OEM part & crush washer...
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    2012 GTI 2.0L TSI (CCTA) ABS, ASR, Airbag and Tier Pressure warnings.

    2012 GTI 2.0L TSI (CCTA) ABS, ASR, Airbag and Tier Pressure warnings. The last time I saw these warning all at the same time was due to a bad left rear wheel speed sensor, at 71450 miles ago. I was told by VW service not to be surprise if the right rear wheel speed sensor goes bad in a month or...
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    2012 GTI 2.0L TSI CCTA ABS, ASR AIRBAG, TPM came 2 mornings

    High everyone, two mornings in a row my MIF lights came on and stayed ON for the drive. When I restarted vehicle to travel once again the MIF did not show up. I knew that my battery was on its last leg, so I replaced it today. I installed the OEM VW battery, it has the same code. Do I install...
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    2012 GTI 2.0L TSI CCTA

    Thursday,09,November,2017,16:35:50:53083 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4407.4 Data version: 20170721 DS276.2 VIN: WVWFV7AJ2CWxxxxxx License Plate: base scan Chassis Type: AJ-VW36 (7N0) Scan: 01...
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    Is there an app to use with Ross-Tech forum

    Good morning everyone i’m a newbie on the forum. Should be getting my interpahase cable today, missed delivery yesturday. I was wondering if I should get that Taptalk app or just go to Ross-tech login page to login. Thanks, GavGTI