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    Passat B7 ABS Issue

    Simply change the rear left ABS sensor and with 99% certainty you will be good to go. Changing the sensor is simple and quite cheap compared to changing the wheel bearing.
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    2018 Audi Q7 Keyless Entry

    From the autoscan’s engine label this is a CRTC which is 200kW.
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    Golf MK6 RNS315 Microphone Sensitivity

    Provided this RNS315 is a version which contains the integrated Bluetooth module, then its indeed peculiar that module 56 is missing from the scan and 77 is not reachable. Perhaps the RNS315 has given up the ghost somewhat? Or is there a seperate BT module underneath the passenger seat?
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    2013 VW CC lux and bluetooth phone turn off

    With the aftermarket stereo, you can't make use of the original BT anyway. You can remove it from under the front passenger seat. Also remove it (module 77) from the gateway installation list.
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    2018 Audi Q7 Keyless Entry

    This "SAFELOCK" is a RoW vehicle attribute. UK is still RoW. Have a look at your Q7 owner's manual about this feature - there might be a simple way to disable it, if needed.
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    Skoda Superb 2020 towbar coding

    While the modules discussed in that topic also apply to the Superb, there are many more modules in this better-equipped Superb which would need to know about the presence of a attached trailer. Off the top of my head, these would be modules 3C, 6C and 6D. Maybe also 14 and A5. I think some...
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    2018 Audi Q7 Keyless Entry

    Kessy is handled by BCM2.
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    CAN gateway coding for DQ500 swap

    That's indeed the case with the Mk4's DQ250 but at least I didn't see any indication of K-line on the DQ500 in it's variants on the Transporter T5.1 nor Tiguan Mk1.
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    CAN gateway coding for DQ500 swap

    DQ500 into a R32 Mk4? Nice. Mk4 "CAN gateway" is integrated into the instrument cluster - how do you plan on changing it?
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    Audi A3 8V 66 plate

    There should be a principal BT volume setting (quiet, normal, loud) accessible through the MMI. Also, perhaps the iOS app you're listening out of has its own volume level, which is set to low?
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    2018 q5 light control module

    New LCMs on Q5 FY definetly need to be parameterised, which VCDS cannot do. If you just bought “virgin” parts they’re not going to just work. Also, please post an autoscan.
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    Audi rs3 2018 steering wheel

    If the steering wheel is not straight but the car drives straight, the wheel alignment is usually off. This is a mechanical fault. You can also remove the airbag and check if the steering wheel is installed into the correct spline (marked with a dash) - perhaps its a spline off? While doing...
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    2010 Tiguan 5N Steering sensor 00778

    Probably has something to do with which steering angle sensor is in use - the one contained inside the clockspring or the one inside the steering rack. LHD Tiguan Mk1-s usually had the APA-BS rack, which didn't have its integrated steering angle sensor so it used the one inside the clockspring...
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    [MQB?] Infotainment unit - working after engine shut off?

    The situation of radio off when turning the engine off and not removing the key from ignition itself is not how it should be, no matter if PQ or MQB. Radio has battery power and on/off signal comes via CAN. Perhaps post an autoscan of the vehicle in question?
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    Audi Q7 electric boot only opens a third of way

    Opening height can be adjusted, though this here is quite a large "adjustment". IIRC open the hatch all the way (even if manually), then hold the trunk button down until a bong could be hard. After that close, reopen and the hatch should rise to the height you held the button down at. But as...