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    A6 C7 2011 bi xenon afs headlight - Short to Ground

    Like you said, the right headlight is looking to the right, which is definetly not...right :) Since the left one is pointing down, its J431's correct reaction to there being a problem with the AFS and I wouldn't condemn J431 right away. I'd still attempt to disconnect the headlight connector...
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    8K Audi A4 2-Zone Climatronic retrofit

    Did you look in the reference scans section?
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    Mk5 Golf Cluster Help Required

    Unlikely, given the cost vs a used one.
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    Does anyone know the Pin Assignment for the Side Assist Radars? (TPMS retrofit)

    With tech dependent on the propagation of radio waves, it would be wise to not deviate too much from the factory installation position. Also, a suggestion for next time - use Tesa tape to wrap the retrofitted wires together before running them. Use fluffy cloth tape on the interior and textured...
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    Does anyone know the Pin Assignment for the Side Assist Radars? (TPMS retrofit)

    That looks like the proper holder for it and from the parts catalogue schematics, also looks like the correct mounting position :)
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    Passat CC 2009 Bluetooth Music Stream

    And if possible, get that RNS510’s software updated - sw 1100 is ancient. This should be well documented on the net.
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    Cluster/Immo Dying?

    Mk5 with Climatronic. The temperature regulating flaps might make a clicking sound but thats a bit loud for this. Autoscan shows it being unhappy with the cabin fan - is that working OK? Try Climatronic flap alignment -
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    Cluster/Immo Dying?

    Could very well be a dying cluster. Though check fuse 17 in the engine bay fuse box (under the plastic cover) - thats supply voltage for the cluster. Should be getting battery voltage from it. There is another ignition voltage fuse (nr 2) for the cluster in the dash fusebox but that also feeds...
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    Caddy 2011 Xenon coding

    Caddy 2011 until 2015 does have factory xenon lights with DRL LED strip.
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    ECU replacement/Upgrade

    Its somewhat unclear what you want to do? BMM and BMN are related PD engines and parts possibly can be combined to some degree but CEGA is a CR engine (not PD) and is a different engine alltogether. Doesn't feel like a feasible enterprise...
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    Does anyone know the Pin Assignment for the Side Assist Radars? (TPMS retrofit)

    An aussie car with an auxiliary heater and heater windscreen? Have the oceans frozen over? :) Just joking, your car doesn't have neither. Thats a guarantee nobody can give you. If you want to be sure, just disconnect the battery before...and run the wire under the sill plates instead of the...
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    2014 jetta tdi no interior lights, no trunk light, no glove box light

    Had a look at the WD. All the interior lights are fed directly by the J519 with no fuses between them. The issue with this given fuse number info is that VW distinguishes between at least 3 seperate fuse boxes (SA, SB and SC), all of which have their fuse numbers starting with 1 and going up to...
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    T5.1 OPS Retrofit help needed

    Do you get "out of range" for any changes you try to make to the coding? No matter which box you tick.
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    Does anyone know the Pin Assignment for the Side Assist Radars? (TPMS retrofit)

    This is for PQ25 but the vehicle at hand is MQB. This does not apply. The fact that SC44 is occupied, doesn't mean the vehicle has trailer prep. Check the build sticker in spare wheel well or service book. If PR code 1D0 is present, there is no trailer prep. 1D8 is for trailer prep. If you...
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    Passat B8 ABS Error

    The steering rack you installed isn't meant for the Passat B8. LHD B8-s come with different HW racks. You might not need to replace it again if proper ABS coding is found but it could be a possibility.