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    New USB unit does not function - MIB 2 Golf MK7

    Since you have only one USB input, change the following channel: IDE10480-MAS10742-Interface for external media: activation-Connection 2,activated ,4 -> not activated In Byte 19, choose "USB & iPhone Functionality". And full unedited autoscan would still be nice.
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    Q3 F3N 2020 DYF/UDZ retrofits

    TJA and TSR are features of the module A5 camera. You have newer camera 2Q0980653, for which these things are not too well documented yet AFAIK.
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    Passat 3AA Retrofit HELP

    B7 EPB starts with 3AA - you have 3C0 in your autoscan.
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    MK5 GTI Signals and Cruise not working You can compare versions here.
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    HBA/FLA High beam assist coding

    AFAIK thats how things are with the mirror FLA. For a better experience, the windscreen camera A5 module provided FLA is better.
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    2020 Atlas Cross Sport - Beeping during Park Pilot/Assist

    Wouldn't completely turning off the beeps defeat the purpuse of PDC/Park Assist ? You should be looking at your surroundings anyway instead of the screen.
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    Replacement windshield wiper switch cruise control and wiper module VW Passat B7 2013

    Then the feature is already working. The menu then serves only to turn it on/off. I remember retrofitting 1K8919472C to a 2.0 TDI B7 with similar color MFA clocks and it displayed the menu, so you don't neccessarily need the 3D clocks.
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    2014 A8 D4 - Inner door light bar brightness

    The ambient lights should be adjusted with the dash lighting dimmer dial on the light switch - is it turned to max?
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    OAM to O2E swap

    If you're deadset on doing a trans swap, you would be better off swapping to manual. Looking at a previous autoscan, the CAVD engine never came with the 02E DSG - so there are no guarantees you will find suitable CV axles and that the engine ECU will play nice with the different TCU.
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    GOLF MK6 BI-XENON retrofit

    The high beam shutter is still controlled by the BCM, so IIRC the BCM needs to be the H (High) version to support xenons. Also Byte 18 needs to be changed. This BCM here's a M or Medium. Also, headlight washers are required with xenons on the Mk6.
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    Gen4 Door controllers retrofit

    From my collection of autoscans, there is only index A for the whole production period 2010-2015. Address 42: Door Elect, Driver (J386) Labels:| 3C0-959-70X-GEN4.clb Part No SW: 3AA 959 701 A HW: 3C0 959 793 C Component: TUER-SG FT 002 0533 Address 52: Door Elect, Pass...
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    Black screen on rear camera 2017 Passat R-Line (NMS)

    The Passat NMS comes only in the sedan bodystyle.
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    Gen4 Door controllers retrofit

    All B7 RoW front door modules (3AA959701A and 702A) support the full range of features (puddle lights, exit lights, ambient lights, folding and memory). Availability in NAR is another thing :)
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    Gen4 Door controllers retrofit

    Well, in my experience I would say its not advisable using CC door modules (no matter if front or rear) for anything else than a CC :) Years ago, I inadvertently ordered a CC rear module and the windows switch indeed worked in reverse. Also when opening the door, the window notced down a bit...
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    Replacement windshield wiper switch cruise control and wiper module VW Passat B7 2013

    Thats a lot of material to be thrown away :) Otherwise yes.