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    5F module

    Thanks Don, I flipped the setting and life is good now. Not sure how it got changed in the first place though. I guess it's good to keep logs. Thanks for your input. Cheers
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    5F module

    This is previous coding: Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794) Labels:* 4G1-035-MIB-HGH2.clb Part No SW: 4G1 035 025 D HW: 4G1 035 025 C Component: MU-H-LNS-US 053 0902 Serial number: A741C0H7535311 Coding: 017551020000000013220002041A00102F0007E5F17001047E Shop #: WSC 02391 785 00200...
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    5F module

    Hi guys, I scanned my car today after updating to latest version. This is the error I got. The only difference between this and my last scan is the 8 after the 4 zeros. I did change some adaptations but don't believe I changed any coding in the 5F module since there isn't anything in the...
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    Turning off DRL winking in updated C7 S6

    Hi all, I have a 2017 S6. With the updated VAG-COM software there is now a long coding helper in module 9. I was looking to turn off the winking feature, however there are a lot of lighting options available. I did uncheck the box on byte 27, bit 4 which was something like turn off led with...