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    The autoscan was made with the french version I think, then for some reason run through a english->french translator with somewhat hilarious results (to a native french speaker anyway) :) Hint, your battery management is inside the gateway (19).
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    Putting an Antigravity (lithium ion) battery into a 2013 Audi RS5... coding using UDS vs. CAN?

    Have you considered simply disabling regenerative braking aka recuperation? No guarantee it'll take but your gateway might have this coding option: LC,01,0~1,00,Vehicle w/o Recuperation (< MY 2008) LC,01,0~1,03,Vehicle with Recuperation (MY 2009 >)
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    ACS Scans

    Derp, I looked at the Superb scan. More urgency to that matter then :)
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    ACS Scans

    Since we only have one pair of addresses for it in VCDS, I'm guessing it must be in the GVL twice. Maybe because it's on two busses at the same time, maybe because it's in a slave GVL? I'll have to check the debug-inst in mk8 debugs to confirm and possibly deduplicate from the list. At least we...
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    Output Tests: VCDS toggles Test every ~5s.

    Debug shows the same thing as last time, with ASAM ID: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018CJ 003007 (SK46) ROD: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018CJ.rod SOT IDE00217-Relais für Elektrische Kraftstoffpumpe As Uwe mentionned, there should be a basic setting for [*IDE00459*] Transfer Fuel Pump (FP) test, that sounds...
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    Output Tests: VCDS toggles Test every ~5s.

    Context: ASAM ID: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018CJ 003007 (SK46) ROD: EV_ECM20TDI01103L906018CJ.rod Looks like you're using: SOT IDE00786-Relais für Zusatzkraftstoffpumpe I see VCDS starting the output with (I think) no time limit; then querying the status of the SOT until the end, about 33s...
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    DatapointS for my 2016 S4: searched my folder of scans/maps with Notepad++, date is in the subfolder path. Car currently has about 55000km. C:\Docs\S4\20160325\blockmap-01-8K5-907-551-G.CSV (2 hits) Line 627: 621,Spark_efficiency_deviation_at_idle_maximum-EFF_IGA_CST_QUO_IS_MAX,34, %...
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    Random Videos

    If this were Europe I'd be wondering if Niels' ID3 wasn't in there :)
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    FYI, we're gonna be moving 813F back to address 17. A (very) new bus address came up for that instrument like controller, and I wasn't sure if it was going to be in addition to 17, or an alternate address for it. So it was made 813F as a placeholder until we could see some scans telling us...
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    APR / 2 weeks
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    Output Tests: VCDS toggles Test every ~5s.

    Please make us a debug 1024 of this happening. I want to see if it's something VCDS is knowingly doing.
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    WaWa is a very well known and respected chain of convenience stores/gas stations around the Philadelphia area (at large) But... Asking others at the office I see I'm not the only one...
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    Amateur mechanic car adventures? I'll start

    Since I refuse to make a "Eric's S4 build thread" like Andy suggested, I'll do this instead :) Decided to change the manual trans oil in my car yesterday. Official instructions and DYIs call for the cross-brace that's under the transmission to be removed, and the 6(?) bolts that secure it to be...
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    New Audi engine badges As the driver of a "3.0T" that also says "V6T" on the side and "3.0 TFSI" on the engine cover when there's no turbocharger to be found anywhere in the car, I am...
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    CASTROL REINVENTS THE OIL CHANGE WITH NEXCEL more detailed, but in French...