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    Audi Connect Care On Pre-Owned Vehicle

    ...and post the measuring value maps here, so other people can help you look.
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    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    I think that's 86F, not 86C . 86F (30C) is mentionned several times in the cooling strategy below.
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    2021 VW ID.4 1st Edition 77kW (USA spec)

    Battery temp in your spreadsheet is interesting. You should superimpose to curve above. Engine RPM and vehicle speed, no so much ;)
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    Dynamic environmental data - what is it?

    It does not. I think it's something the module manufacturer puts in there when there isn't a readily available formula for it, and they feel only they would ever need to decode it.
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    A Sad Day

    Goodbye Jack. Whichever better place he is in now, I'm sure he's already trading 3X ETFs and sending free ECUs wrapped in candy to people in need. :thanks:
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    Passat B8 2018 ,,Unsupported vehicle,, for Micro-CAN interface

    Autoscan looks fine, but then again you said "until today" and it's from a month ago...?
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    Move PID to measuring block

    . It's somewhere inbetween. Are all 250 people going to be the same ASAM ID (EV_ECM20TFS0205G0906259S or whatever comes back in your new scan)?
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    New user - lost coding = lost mind of those codings may have been right, but you might be getting into more trouble trying to recode with a pirated interface.
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    Hex-net not working on french version

    You're not getting a french license for free at this point, but the french translation overlord has been known to make exceptions upon receipt of a $100 donation to :)
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    Differential Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor

    Or its wiring... :)
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    [21030] UDS SRI tool only works on RELEASE version - not DRV

    If I'm not mistaken, you should be able to take SRI1-3.CLB from the english release and put them in your Labels folder .
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    HEXNET USB fault

    3 USB cables, 3 interfaces, 3 PCs. Are you blowing up your interfaces with a ground loop maybe?
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    2016 S4 3.0T CTUB

    HN2, FRM 20.3, XP x86, WiFi Infrastructure Mercredi,24,Mars,2021,16:03:45:15774 VCDS -- Logiciel d'émulation de VAG/VAS sous Windows XP x86 Version VCDS: FRM HEX-NET2 CB: 0.4543.4 Version données: 20210226 DS325.0 VIN: WAUDGAFL1GA000773 Plaque d'immat.: Type...