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    Air con stuck in ECON mode

    1. Did you buy a genuine part from the dealer? 2. Nothing weird about the code. Read what it says. Open or short to ground - means just that. The sensor may be bad, or the wiring from the HVAC module to the G65 may be faulty. You need to get a wiring diagram for your vehicle to trace. From the...
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    2011 S4 intermittent no-start

    Another observation: When you have a no-start, I hear you do a ‘quick click’ with the key. Nothing wrong with that, as the ECU is supposed to take over and hold the starter engaged until it senses engine start. I wonder why it’s not doing that - and this may be a route to your defect?
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    2011 S4 intermittent no-start

    Observation: When you have your no-starts; you don’t get a needle sweep. Or is that because ignition is already on, you grab your phone and hit record for recording your non-start?
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    2014 RS5 - Do not exceed 6000RPM message and coolant temp rising

    Is this one of those faults that may be reported in Aggressive mode @Uwe ? I also can’t remember if Aggressive mode is enabled by default.
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    Dead OBDII port.

    @houbaviy - good approach to your faulting technique nonetheless. :)
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    Audi R8 V10- Unknow controller - Need more info!!!

    Bluetooth mobile phone connector ‘thingy’, maybe :confused:
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    Airbag module VW21 Programming

    Hello Colin, welcome. :) Please post an Auto-Scan so we may look at the Airbag module in context of the full vehicle.
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    How do I send you a pm Uwe?

    @DV52 - it also proves that @Uwe ’s customer archives run very deep. :cool:
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    SRI Reset not working?

    Would you do the SRI function in VCDS, don’t change anything, but then click ‘add to log file’ and post the results here, please?
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    overnight hard start

    I’m interested in how the line was bad - kinked/burst/leaking?
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    Bonnet release query (Polo 6R)

    I love the way you have ‘stolen’ @iichel’s picture to use as your new avatar. :)
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    Hex-com Rev.B not working

    The HEX-COM firmware is packaged with VCDS; so should be ‘just there’ if needed. The current version is 1.96, there should be ‘HC196.bin’, ‘HCC196.bin’ and possibly ‘HP196.bin’ in your VCDS folder. When VCDS asked for the firmware update, the interface should have been plugged into the car and...
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    Hex-com Rev.B not working

    I can’t remember @Uwe, if the firmware in the HEX-COM is similar to the HEX-USB+CAN; whereby when plugged into the car, the LED is orange as it boots and turns green when ready? (Or red if a K-Line is down). Either way, what is the behaviour of the LED colour when you plug into the car, @AprV2?
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    Lamborghini Gallardo Airbag Module Coding

    Your attitude towards this is to be applauded too. :thanks: Welcome to the community; you'll find us in all areas of the globe, as far away as the antipodes. It's never been any different. I've been a customer of Ross-Tech for over 20 years. Your customer experience is exemplified on the About...
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    Rough Idle / Coughs / Dies

    Hello Greg, It's going to need replacing again soon if you don't correct this: IDE00597 Long term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1 -26.6 % IDE00604 Short term adaptation of mixture formation bank 1 -25.0 % Both Short and Long term pegged out; the ECU is desperately trying to lean...