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    Has RT-Forums Ever Been Compromised?

    I received a one of those extortion emails to the address I have registered with RT-Forums. In summary it said that I’d visited a smutty website, they’d installed a Trojan, remotely switched on my webcam and recorded my personal actions whilst viewing the smut. To prevent global embarrassment, I...
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    Scirocco Cluster Speed Units

    My nephew has asked if it is possible to change the digital speed in the centre of the instrument cluster to MPH - rather than km/h. I have had a look at coding from the LCH and it is set for Great Britain. I've also searched through the Adaptations; but can't find anything of relevence. The...
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    Chassis Type (or Typ)

    I'm surprised at VW re-using Typ codes for their vehicles. To me, Typ 15 will always be a Mk1 Golf (or Rabbit) Convertible. However, I see in the Select Chassis drop-down they're now using it for a VW New Bora (2008>).
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    Misfire Counter Reset

    My car spluttered again in the very same place on the very same road on my drive home from work. A smooth 30mph road; but uphill on a gradient of at least 12% (1 in 8). Last time was a month ago. I'm going to have to knuckle down this extremely intermittent fault, probably start around the...
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    Am I Ready for a 'De-Coke'?

    Inspired by Peter's post; I 'boro-ed' the Boroscope form work to give my CDNC engine an endoscopy. :eek: Do you think I'm ready for de-carbonising the intake valves? The engine hasn't missed a beat; however I'm getting the lumpy idle and it threw the MIL for 20 seconds on my drive home from...
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    Repair Door Locking Units

    Thanks Jef, I'll have a go with something I've recently done on my car. When driving, the Auto-Lock (above 10mph) and subsequent 'Locked' lamp in the door switch wasn't working. The fault can manefest itself on any one of the doors; and I've experienced it on all four of mine. A greater...
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    2019 Audi A3, 1.5 TFSI DADA

    My car was in service this week; so grabbed as much data from the loan car with the Public Beta and CB 0.4503.4. Also, this was dumped using the new 'Whole Vehicle (CAN Only)' functionallity. VCDS went to 'Not Responding' a couple of times, but I'm sorry I didn't have time to repeat...
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    Flypast to Honour US Air Crew
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    Activating Bluetooth Streaming on VW Radio

    My friend has the factory mobile phone Bluetooth thing installed in his Mk5 Golf. In one of the menus on the little device, there's an A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth profile option. His phone connects with this BT profile - but no music through the radio. I think the device is manufactured by Bury - but...
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicles

    So I fell in love with a motorcycle that was produced from 2008 to 2012. (don't want to start a 'they're brilliant/rubbish' thread; so non-specific for the moment.) Not many are available in the UK and there was a fine, unmodified one available on ebay USA. I tried to get the chap to allow...
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    Is this Golf 'Chipped'

    A friend of mine has asked if his car has a modified ECU - as his 'butt dyno' seems to think so. :) Reports some peculiar Mode 9 results, I would have expected more, but I don't know if it too early to report meaningful stuff in there. Thank You. AutoScan...
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    Forum Username Click Problem

    Sorry I can't think of a better title - but if I click my Username (Welcome, Zenerdiode) in the top right; the website just times out. I use this link to get to the page where I may see my own threads etc. I've experienced it at Work (Win 7, IE11 through corporate firewalls) and at home (Win 7...
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    VW Golf 2008 A/C High Pressure Sensor

    I'm repairing my friend Chelcey's Golf that has a bad G65 High Pressure sensor for the HVAC. Would anyone confirm if the sensors are on Schrader valves - so I don't have to arrange a vacuum and re-gas? *Edit* - Uwe, would you edit the title, as it's a 2008, not a 2006...
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    2018 Audi S3, 2.0 TFSI DJHA

    My friend at work was talked out of a Seat - into an Audi S3 by me. :) Got a dump of the entire car. Again, something for everyone; including Jack this time as the OBD stuff is there too. Auto-Scan: Tuesday,07,August,2018,13:14:22:19335 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows...
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    NEX-NET 'Nose'

    Have I broken the bar from the 'nose' of my HEX-NET - or is it missing by design? I'm on about the plastic bar that would normally separate the two 8-pin rows. Picture helps too. :)