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    Where do I get a Wiring Diagram?

    All SSPs are available on ErWin; and are presented by relevance for your current model selection. They will be up to date too.
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    Hi All, UK calling

    Me too. Welcome to the community. :)
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    Passat died. EPC light on

    With your car being IMMO3, diagnostics of the ECU is, as Uwe said, via W line (think of it as a K-Line which passes through the Instrument Cluster), however the IMMO handshake is over CAN. I suspected the engine wasn’t answering, hence why I asked for the IMMO MVBs. I suspect you would get a...
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    Alternator LIN bus version

    That’s not current flow through the alternator, it’s net current at the battery negative terminal; where the BDM is. 10A is a pretty nominal current when ignition on or engine running and battery not charging. Hence the battery voltage dropping to normal cell values.
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    Passat died. EPC light on

    In 17-Instruments, please list out what you have in the following Measuring Value Blocks (MVB): 022 023 024 025 ...and for the CAN Bus: 125 126 130 131 132 140 Good stuff. :)
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    Passat died. EPC light on

    Please detail how you have checked the CAN wiring.
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    Arrived 10 mins ago. :thumbs:
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    Passat died. EPC light on

    Start and run for a couple of seconds sounds like the Immobiliser is preventing running. Immo is in 17-Instruments and talks over CAN to 01-Engine. You have that single wire CAN fault, I think that needs addressed first.
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    Audi TTS 2009 2.0 TFSI - cranks but won't start

    Another one for Jef’s ‘check the fuses’ thread :)
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    2013 Audi A4, Intermittent misfire that has occurred since I bought the car, info?

    Carbon build-up on the back of the intake valves is a known problem on pretty much all Direct Injection gasoline engines, that will cause lumpy misfires at idle. So much so, VAG now use extra injectors in the ports to keep the valves clean.
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    I see that. :) Thanks indeed, Bruce & Uwe.
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    VCDS -- An Amazing Investment!

    Plot twist: mikhadm1 is really @Santos and he's found the box of interfaces returned for upgrades... :D
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    Would you be able to send two to me too? (See what I did there with the 2's? :o)
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    Audi A4 B8.5 "Start/Stop" not functioning

    Try also having VCDS looking at Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) - MVB 006. These fields will show the comms status of the BDM and Alternator (Regulator) as you are tracing and wiggling the wiring and plug-couplers.
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    2006 Audi A4 2.0 FSI - Intermittent P0301

    Having said that, it could still be a valve sticking or not seating correctly intermittently. You may have to carry a compression gauge with you and quickly whip out plug #1 if you feel a misfire.