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    Steering assist ECU issue

    Once you've updated, take another Auto Scan. If you still have the problem, please post the full scan log (not just the gateway installation list as above) in here. Instructions on doing that are here: :thumbs:
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    Unable to find .ROD file.

    Going in the post today :thumbs:
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    Unable to find .ROD file.

    @topcat2006 We've dug out a (well-used) HEX+CAN interface. If you're willing to test that out on the Crafter and give feedback to Ross-Tech, we'll post that out on Monday to the same address you used for your HEX-V2 order. Is that ok with you?
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    2021 VW Crafter - No interface available!

    Comparison tables now updated:
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    2021 VW Crafter - No interface available!

    @Ashields thanks - we may not have seen this without the tags. I'll get that table updated.
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    Not really hearing more, but we've had 2 or 3 come up in the last year or 2. In the cases I remember the RHD mounting location seemed to cause the problem.
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    Tight port surrounds do seem to be a right-hand-drive issue on some models. It's worth keeping a short extension cable in your toolbox.
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    Anyone figured out how to run vcds on a raspberry pi is it even possible ?

    Are you running a cabled VCDS interface or wireless? If cabled, as both the interface and the computer are presumably powered from the same source, be careful you don't get a ground loop (or your interface will go pop)
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    2020 Skoda Octavia 2.0 tdi technology compatibility

    Make sure it's someone with a (genuine) HEX-V2 or HEX-NET then, as 2019-on models aren't supported by the previous generation interfaces (HEX+CAN, Micro-CAN etc.)
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    A Sad Day

    A very sad day. As a Brit (at least I assume that's the reason), I only ever understood about 60% of what Jack posted, but what I did manage to grasp was usually insightful or entertaining. The forums (and his family & friends) have lost a big character :(
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    Verified not quite verified!

    Cloud registration is for using a HEX-NET with VCDS-Mobile in infrastructure mode, where a lot of the advanced functions go though the VCDS-Cloud server. It's not related to the forums. You need to see this:
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    HEX-NET or HEX-V2 Firmware Update Failed?

    If you power down the interface, then plug it into USB only (not the car), what colour are the LEDs?
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    Interface ERROR, Update ERROR

    11.11 means it works with the November 2011 version of VCDS, and is blocked from all newer releases as it's a clone. You're not a customer though. You've bought a cheap copy that rips off Ross-Tech's intellectual property, and have the gall to ask the company you've ripped off for help with...
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    Interface ERROR, Update ERROR

    If the interface is labelled with a specific VCDS version number, it's 100% definitely a clone. Ross-Tech never put software version numbers on the interface labels as genuine interfaces always work on the latest software version.
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    Fault codes no longer correctly decoded after updating HexNet

    Thanks @Dana - conversation continued by email...