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    The Airplane thread

    I did some package delivery on Christmas eve. About a six hour trip by car (even if you push the speed limit). I had a 27 knot tailwind and made the trip eastbound in 2 hours flat in my slow airplane. The trip back was brutal but it remained clear.
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    Markets / Economy

    One of the few times I would like to see what's happening on TF again.
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    Watch those mirrors, Golf Alltrack

    Last summer my girlfriend traded her Touareg in on a Golf Alltrack. Last weekend she backed out of the driveway and was too close to our fence (I have her park tight to the fence so I can get out on my motorcycle in the morning). It popped apart and she ran over the pieces. It's all bolt on...
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    The Airplane thread

    Sitting in the Minneapolis airport waiting for a flight home. I just spent the past two days flying 1250 miles with my oldest son. Flew across Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and reached South Dakota on day one. Spent the night in Spearfish (black hills airport). Got up, flew across...
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    ... it was funny to me....

    My dad sent me this one
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    ... it was funny to me....

    We have a place to put surplus items at work. Someone put this out last week
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    Random Photos

    Decided to celebrate the inauguration by going to Mexico. I'll see if they need any help with that wall. First, the swim up bar...
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    Random Photos

    Google Pixel from this morning, Downtown Tacoma
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    07 Touareg TDI: AFS fault. Need help coding FFS

    So the little lady's VW has the amazing headlights that self level and look around corners. They also "side light", which isn't as riveting as side boob but it's still pretty cool. It's an H3 bulb and really does add some lumens to maneuvering operations. Some of those peasants can be tricky...
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    ... it was funny to me....

    I was at the tire store yesterday. I asked the manager what the story was on this car and he said "Well it came in on a flat bed. The owner said he 'hit a curb' so I thought, you know, bent rim or something."
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    The N+1 vehicle

    I've almost started this thread a few times. There are times when one of my cars requires surgery that takes the vehicle off line for days/weeks/months and the time is coming up for me to do some wrenching on the V10 Touareg. I'd also like to be able to utilize the Park&Ride because my...
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    Just let these images soak in for a minute

    I didn't take these, they aren't funny and they aren't a video so I started a new thread. But for those of you who occasionally pick up a wrench, check this out:
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    Inside joke It's a contrail. No, it's a missile. No, it's a contrail.
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    Let's see your workbench Bitches!

    I need to gather ideas so I can set up my workshop. My SO and I bought a house recently in the north end of Tacoma WA. It's a smaller house than we were in (so neither of our kids can move back in), and we wanted old with character, cheaper than market value so we could afford to fix it up...
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    Lookee what we found whilst wandering....

    These guys might have needed help lugging this bad boy out.