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    Folding mirror while closing car with remote without holding button

    Not possible for PQ platform.
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    Audi A6 C7 and door open warning buzzer

    All depends on the sw version of instrument cluster and BCM2. If channel 98 is not present, it doesn't matter. But due to some possible version conflicts, it could be the case that it is NOT possible to deactivate that beep
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    Updated to Release 20.4 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    DRV from I didn't try another one yet :)
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    Updated to Release 20.4 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    I get a strange message since 20.4.2 in the german VCDS version (english not tested) When I click OK, everything goes on fine...
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    VW Windows/sunroof operation when opening door

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    Start/Stop with Auto H?

    I think the Gateway StartStop parameters are different. For Index AC there exist EU and RoW/NAR parameter sets afaik
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    Audi Q3 F3 Rear lid unit - adaptation problems

    Hi Ross-Tech, In german forums an interesting thing came up on a Audi Q3 F3. The rear lid control unit (6C) does show adaptation channels but none of them is accessible. A CSV Adpmap is completely empty. We wantred to change the RV_Start_Mode. I only have german VCDS stuff available, sorry...
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    Search function

    Hi all, Hi NE-Tech, what about a search function / search text field for label texts inside LCode? When I enter "trailer", all bytes are colored where the string was found for any bits? Exploring zFAS cameras with 85 byte of coding is not that much fun ;) Cheers
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    Outdated MQB Gateway data for MY2020?

    Hi All, as this is international ground, I assume I'm allowed to speak about deactivating Start Stop system for MQB cars. Everyone is confused as since MY 2020 the normal way via adaptation channel in Unit 19 does not work anymore. To be more precise, Gateway SW-PartNo 3Q0 907 530 AA was the...
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    Basic Settings on UDS Units and why VCDS fails

    Hi all, Hi Ross-Tech, It came to my attention that VCDS is not the best tool when it comes to Basic Settings on modern UDS units. Other colleagues do have similar experiences regarding complex basic setting procedures that go beyond "Start lighting basic settings" and "Quit basic lighting...
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    Suggestions for label improvements

    Hi Ross-Tech Crew, I encountered a few interesting things regarding coding labels over the past months that I would like to share. Propably some of this information could be incorporated in any next release... Audi A6/A7 4G, door units Adresse 42: Türelektr. Fahrer (J386) Labeldatei...
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    CodingCompare Tool finally localized

    Dear Community, I'm very happy to announce that my little tool for comparing Codings and Auto-Scans is finally localized and available in english and it does understand VCDS Auto-Scans created with the english Version. The application has two different faces. Mode 1 is starting the...
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    Enable HBA on MLBevo cars

    Hi all, this script applies to all new Audi MLBevo cars like Audi A4 B9 It enables the simple High Beam Assist when absolutely no headlight assist is equipped. StartVCDS() OpenUnit("A5") TestComponent("BVS",1) ;coding does not apply on ultra new zFAS cameras like VW Touareg 3...
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    Enable Trailer Assist on MQB cars

    Hi all, the following script is a one-clicker to enable the Trailer Assist on MQB cars just by coding. This was already successful coded on a VW Passat B8, VW Tiguan AD or Golf MK7.5 Requirements are of course a trailer hitch, a Trailer Assist capable rear view camera and of course a PLA 3.0...