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    Audi A4 B9 massage seats help please

    I have done this retrofit but I am like others having an issue with coding the last part of this to enable the MMI menu for Massage seat functions when the Massage button or rotary dial is pressed. What have you done so far so that I can understand what I can help you with. Do you have...
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    Retrofit B9 S5 Massage seats into an A5 Coupe

    Hi, o33err did you ever get the massage function fixed on this I have a very similar issue after retrofitting massage seats I can not get the MMI to display the massage / lumbar functions when the button on the seat is used. If you have fixed it what did you do? I get the following fault code...
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    Retrofit Audi S5 massage seats into a A5

    Hi I have the exact same issue as you had, can I ask have you fixed it and if you did what did you do I get the following fault code on my 5F 1 Fault Found: 7227 - Function Restricted due to Missing Message(s) U1111 00 [009] - - [Seat pneumatics (0x3B) - function...