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    Audi 2007 Q7 Kessy Module Antenna module where for art thou

    I don't seem to have the Keyless Entry / Start Authorization / Kessy Module 4L0907335 antennae reader (j-723) which according to all diagrams is allegedly located in the back right corner near the dvd nav unit. Problem, no unit located there, no plug that resembles a multi pin hanging there...
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    still no start on a 2007 q7

    I purchased a used ecm to see if i would get a turnover on engine...nothing. all relays are working about 7.3 to 7.6 volts on switching side and 12.6 across the main. most modules are offline...any other possible modules that can create this situation? this scan was after putting in used ecm...
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    2007 Audi Q7 had ecu read and came back with a skc that is 5 digits

    Ecu dump for security code. SKC came back as a 5 digit 1XXX8 is this normal? Meaning 5 digit code. This code should be it for key adaption and is it necessary to go through the ecu or would this code work fro sec/start authorization module?
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    Audi 2007 Q7 non adapted key, immobilizer delete? quaestion from smart scan

    Q7 bought at impound auction, new key from vin from dealer not adapted. Immobilizer delete good idea as car is 10 years old? Ran VCDS auto scan got a fault code of eeprom error at address 05 ACC/start auth. scan below. My question would immo delete overcome this? Thanks in advance for any...
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    AUDI 2007 Q7 dead nothing happens when turning key on.

    Purchased Q7 at impound auction. Purchased new key based on vin from dealer. Key is not immobilizer adapted. New battery, power seats work. Flasher flash at a high rate when battery is attached, hitting flasher button slows them down but they cannot be turned off. Nothing happens when key is...