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    So I ask for help and because ive read the reply I cant post????

    So I posted a request for help and as Ive alraedy read the reply I cant revisit that thread and ask further advice???? EH?? I may as well of bought a twenty quid pirate lead of ebay and spammed fb ????
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    2008 Octavia II coding seat air bags

    Hi as per title I have changed the seats for later VRS seats and I think I need to code the airbags as I cannot clear the fault.. Full scan as follows.. I am aware of the other issues ,parts are on order .. Wednesday,02,January,2019,15:04:36:18685 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator...
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    2008 Octavia II with brakes binding issue

    Hi everyone I always try to investigate the problems I come accross with my vehicles and not post up here every issue but on this one I'm baffled.... The car is a 2008 Skoda Octavia II 1.9TDi Classic. The issue is that as I drive the vehicle the brakes start to bind,All four at the same...
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    Octavia Mk2 Steering Assist woes........

    Hi Im Aaron from UK.. I have 2008 Octavia Mk2 bought with a jamed ignition key. I changed the barrel and re fitted all the components and trim re conected the battery sanned and cleared the faults , re scanned and this is the result.. Saturday,03,June,2017,17:15:55:18685 VCDS -- Windows Based...