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    ABS control module coding lost as Instrument cluster replaced

    1) roll back all , and recode ABS to be sure it accpet coding ( ABS will lost coding ONLy when you swap cluster., not because of different VIn in ECU ) 2) if you can not match immo, change VIN in CLUSTER to be sure is genuine and ABS will keep current coding , or recode ABS to new VIN
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    Golf 5k cluster issue - blank in centre rest lights up immo issue coding issue?

    For me seems is corrupted Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels: None Component: KOMBI Coding: 010000 VCID: 55E271B6342B9823C0-8000 No ASAM data for: "Unknown" (VW36)
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    VW T6 infotainment system won't turn on

    1) did radio can be turn On from knob when engine is running or when ign is off ? 2) did someone did some coding changes , and after that is "dead" ? 3) did radio illuminate separate , or illuminate with dasch buttons ? 4) when you do diagnostic - you see single knock in...
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    ODIS Incorrectly Labels Part Stolen

    ....and what we can do for you ? all is check online - if they said is block = is block , no other way , no other tool
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    B7 Passat Alltrack V6 - Can Bus Defective-Long Coding

    already told you , strat disconnect CAN infotinment wires from GW and if all is ok, pull new one 2 options only ...... module is fault and make a issue with GW , or wires are faulty and finally no communication with infotinment
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    B7 Passat Alltrack V6 - Can Bus Defective-Long Coding

    stay away from cluster, they are on different CAN bus , and Cluster BUS have no error so this is not a issue I think keep looking on Infotinment bus / wires first - disconnect that 2 wires from GW from radio, and BT ..... because that controlers are missing from gateway
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    VW Passat key not found

    what I think - key is not kessy key , that is why working like "emergency key" , remote was match separate dont think so driver door kessy antena give that issue , but try to fix it first
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    Keyless entry

    Mk6 and whole PQ35 palatform with kessy have built in Antena into door handle Door handle is a touch sensor and antena keep looking from door loom swap door handle from Right to Left , to check if is workng on other side to eliminate loom and focus on door handle , they are this...
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    PQ46 steering wheel into MQB possible?

    Latest PQ SWCM supporting MQB steering wheeel inc CCS , not sure if they must be with CNL, or LIM, definatelly not with Assistance button
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    Passat B8 2017 Discover Media Error

    CHKS error in Technisat unit is because of software (system files) corrupted it happen after unlock, or activate function. after "bad" hack, errors can back after coing or adaptation changes , or any changes from radio
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    Hello, new member here , Touareg CR7 2018 , DENA 286 hp engine cooling fan upgrade issue.

    what I can see from etka, that is few type of fan even if DUAL fan ..... main fan is 2 type - supporting Towrbar or not supporting Twobar Not sure if this is only a loom/connector different
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    2019 VW T-ROC help with fault codes

    Are you able to read adapt from 17 and 5F ?
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    esp MK60EC1 H45 0107 1K0 907 379 AN coding

    the best way is to find older autoscan and copy / paste coding
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    VW Tiguan AD1( 42 )Driver door basic setting missing

    exactly ... most MQB door card are this same/same numbers , but because of different lenght of elevator , they need proper "dataset" load by ODIS and then all can be fix by "buttons" did like that in my golf 7 long time ago and also couldnt do basic settins,
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    Golf mk6 GTI steering buttons problem (MFS buttons, right side, left/right)

    if they keep TRIP stalk and add MFSW , cluster stay when he stay .... because TRIP stalk can operate cluster ready for MFSW and no MFSW but cluster ready for MFSW can ONLY be operate by MFSW , so TRIP stalk is top1 now you need to fix that , what every is there, who ever did that