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    Retrofit 5F: Interface for external media U11B8 00 [008] No comunications

    show what USB socket part number
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    Skoda Octavia mk2 and Motor ecu problem

    you can try to flash audi ECU to proper software
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    Abs coding loss (MK100IPB)

    aha.... otherwise you will see many ABS calculator online have you seen any ?
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    Abs coding loss (MK100IPB)

    ODIS online and restore coding if you not have any autoscan backup.
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    Virtual cockpit retrofit Audi S3 8v facelift

    hard to say what is in your car, how much money you want to spend, and you finally expecting funny is that company who retrofiting VAG equipments a not tell you all you need to know they have that in one finger
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    2013 NMS Passat TDI Highline (Canada) Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit Help

    1st - you need to know if your ECU software supporting ACC, and is not just about coding, because coding is accepeted by 99.99% ECU, but ECU not understand ACC command , and it failed 2nd - that ACC module you provide is 2016 - and that generation use Component Protection , you can...
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    Key adaptation not working

    if your BCM is from car after 2019 you not allow to adapt key over BCM after 2019 all cars use Remote Learn durring key learn ....something like MQB cars even ODIS mention that , and when you look into IMMo coding - you will see that this function is enable
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    Change Odo from Miles to KM

    I think LowLine cluster not allow to change that because they use a linera LCD , not graphic ,
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    LCode helper display questions

    Guys I want to make my own LBL file but LCode can not display it as I want is there any limitation to display combination like that ? LC,00,0~1,00, LC,00,0~1,03, LC,00,2~3,00, LC,00,2~3,0C, LC,00,4~5,00, LC,00,4~5,10, LC,00,4~5,30, LC,00,6~7,00, LC,00,6~7,40, LC,00,6~7,C0,
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    00003 - Control Module: No or Incorrect Basic Setting for MK60EC1 ABS

    Ok guys yesterday I faled wit that ;( Coding ok, G85 , G200, G201 also all good, but with mistake I enable this functions Perfect conditions to do that adaptation - ambient temp 5-7 degree , cold engine engine heat up after 20min, abs after 40min ....and still procedure...
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    HexNet and .....who is Dave ???

    Did a autoscan today , and seen one funny error : Did my HexNet keep some user name in a system ? Dave - is not my name ;) Wednesday,17,January,2018,13:24:54:43375 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-NET CB: 0.4409.4 Data...
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    17.6.0 output test issue

    Guys Lates version not support any longer Fule gauge output test Hovewer cluster going into "Black screen" so seems output test should start, but not start and you can see REJECT message Friday,07,July,2017,10:24:02:25051 VCDS Version: Beta 17.6.0 Address 17: Instruments...
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    vBulletin and typical skin

    Guys One of my PC at home show me rosstech forum with some strange style all other with CHROME display it normal, standard , like 2nd picture WTF ?? strange standard
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    Golf 7 TPMS issue after cluster exchange

    Hello everyone. VW did cluster exchange online from LowLine to HighLine . All good , expect one error TPMS on DiscoverMedia show - Not Available Before cluster swap all was good. I am able reset TPMS from ABS adaptation and VCDS show "correct ", but SET button on Discover media no...
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    Add DSG Software version to main screen

    Guys Anyway way to add DSG software info to main screen ? it will help to recognize what SW it is for that type of Gear box just from Autoscan No need to look deeper from: to