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    VW mqb keys

    synchro file in MQB is only need if you do all key lost via other software than ODIS, no matter what cluster , JIC, VDO, etc .
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    Audi R8 V10- Unknow controller - Need more info!!!

    in EU, many cars with CNG , use a additionall Gas meter like this
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    Updated to Release 21.9 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    well.. seems I will also complain Diplay GW instalation list , no matter if I select VW , or keep All brands - not work my GW is coe only for few module (working on bench woth ECU, GW, Cluster, BCM and my own 3D module address) is not read definatelly GW installation list - because is...
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    2006 Golf RCD330 Retrofit problems...

    hmm... that autoscan you post is not from picture you post so what is a proper car to look ? I have my own solution for those who use a low line , old gen cars, with latest gen radio, etc. but this is require additionall module
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    2006 Golf RCD330 Retrofit problems...

    middle or low line - both crap for me middle is not operate via MFSW too swap to Highline
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    2006 Golf RCD330 Retrofit problems...

    what I know is that cluster (Yes, cluster) is reponsibile for radio control via MFSW there was never confirguration with MFSW and low Line cluster After market radio is just for P&P , and forget about any diagnostic you can not Remove adr 56 from CAN GATEWAY VW never made a car...
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    VW Tiguan 2018r CODING Problem Convert USA to EUROPE

    yes, there is awlays a "friend" who use pirate device
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    2016 VW Tiguan AWD, Cannot reach Address 1C: Position Sensing

    this is only Composit Media, no GPS on it Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794) Labels:| 5G0-035-MIB-STD2.clb Part No SW: 5C0 035 200 HW: 5C0 035 200 Component: MU-S-S-US H21 0241 The question is - did he see GPS direction on cluster ? Disable from GW installation...
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    VW Passat B7 ACC retrofit

    perhaps many users can help you just do simple step forward .......and add proper AUTOSCAN
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    VW Golf 8 infotainment language change possible?

    she is nice , polite ?? that could be this same issue what early Caddy 4th gen , when cars sale in Poland and havent enable MAP for Poland, only for DE :) HMI language, and Voice Command language should be this same what dealer said on that ?
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    [MQB?] Infotainment unit - working after engine shut off?

    radio is control via CAN...... so what is send via CAN over gateway , is broadcasting to other controlers in proper time, proper ID, and proper frame if you change by yourself logic .... then other module will see error due to coresponding with 5F with kessy - engine off and infotinment...
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    Touch Control MFSW retrofit on a GTE

    both must be do Adaptation in GW, and proper coding Slave - MFSW Got new MFSW with touch button and ACC was not there ...but it was on PCB after compare coding , I enable ACC
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    MK6 Golf Horn and MFSW not Working.

    ....just do proper coding no matter who did and what did before
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    Power Steering too weak Gen3 Golf R mk6 can’t change power assist force

    older steering rack like 2005 ....2006 .... yes, can be adjust via VCDS use odis and flash to proper one, normally people swap steering and never touch that . because minor different between skoda, golf , etc ...
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    VW T6 2017. Central Locking Not Working Via Key.

    that error .. maybe BCM control motor from lock.... but some signals is not right after that what happen before ?