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    2011 CC

    As a newbie to this superb piece of kit (VCDS) please can anybody point me in the correct direction to our vehicles problems, it occurred the other day when just pulling off, it appears to show a problem with the rear abs sensor, are there any particular tests to carry out on the sensor to...
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    CC BEM Battery

    We have a 2011 CC 170 dsg bluemotion We need to fit & code a new battery, we have looked at the ross-tech's U tube video of how to code it The new glassmat battery is a Varta Silver Dynamic AGM E39 the BEM sticker is rather smudged, the battery company has supplied A 11 E39 507 5Gi for...
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    Passat CC 2011

    Had a problem with MFSW controller( now replaced) & just have to code TPMS which doesn't work after controller was replaced , anybody know which procedure to follow direct or indirect system/sensors, would be great if somebody can send me Ross-Tech page reference ( steering angel sensor G85 )...
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    Passat CC

    Hi Bit of a story first, had a problem with steering wheel control not being able to change volume, stations, answer calls & control the mfd display, so bought VCDS installed & it showed swc controller, ordered new part but was supplied same part no but different letters on the end, old...
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    Passat CC 170 dsg

    We have a 2011 Passat CC, 170 dsg which has a problem with the steering wheel controls/horn/telephone operation not working or illuminating enclosed is it's autoscan it shows a problem with address 16 & part no 5K0 953 569 T, we purchased this part, but it changes to 5K0 953 569 AS, the...
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    2011 cc

    Hi I have 2011 CC 170 dsg which has a problem with the steering wheel controls not working also unable to make telephone calls, the mfd display info not showing phone info either, attached is complete auto scan, any help would be great. Thanks Phil Monday,02,February,2015,15:03:02:42741...