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    [RS4 B8] Suspension Electronics Fault - (14) Security Access

    Did you get to the bottom of the 02646 fault. We have same fault just now.
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    Tiguan 2015 cliamte heating issue.... help

    I have a 2015 Tiguan with a heating issue Customer is complaining of no/very little heat coming from vents when setting in middle at 22. At both sides (drivers and passenger side) I can confirm this. Basically its blowing near enough cold air when set at 22. Customer has had the car a while and...
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    2105 Skoda Octavia ABS security access/coding required

    Hello Wondering if anyone can help me. Just fitted new ABS unit to an Octavia 3 2015. Wrote down the old ABS coding and coded new unit using this long code. Coding accepted, no issues with that. I have posted an auto scan below. As you can see there are various faults related to basic setting...
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    2012 Passat CC cruise control retro fit.. not working

    Hello In need of some help. Retro fitted Cruise to a 12 Passat CC (correct kit from dealer) I Run the wire from the steering unit plug (pin 5) up to the engine ECU and fitted it into pin 64 on the 94 pin plug (elsa wiring diagram said pin 94- instructions said refer to elsa) Then coded the...
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    07 Audi A5... airbag light on.... no faults in systems

    Hello I have a 2007 Audi A5 3.0 tdi with a airbag light on. Light is on all the time indicating a fault. Scan the systems and there is never any fault in the airbag control unit. I have tried two other diagnostic machines (different manufacturers) and they both show no faults in airbag. When I...
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    Audi A4 2008 (new shape 08) CVT auto fault "shift solenoid n88" fault Help

    Hello wondering if anyone can help me out. Or had experience with same issue I have a 08 plate 1.8T petrol Audi A4 (first of the new shape) It has the CVT auto gearbox Comes up with fault P0750 shift solenoid 1 N88 malfunction intermittent It had a gear oil change a while back by ourselves...
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    Problem with VCDS after update. "No communication"

    Hello. Wondering if anyone can help. After we did the latest update on our laptop on VCDS , the program constantly comes up with "no communication" and a blue kinda circle egg timer comes up and it fails communication. Other times it works fine, and can communicate with all control units...
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    2010 transporter van DPF problem

    Hello. Wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a 2010 VW transporter van 2.0 common rail diesel. The DPF Light is on all the time, just the DPF light no coil light or engine warning light. Using VCDS or VAS5052 there are no faults stored in any system. Checked the soot volume and ash...
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    Audi Q5 2010 Auto gearbox issue

    hello guys I have a Audi Q5 giving issue with the auto gearbox, its holding on to 2nd gear when pulling up to junctions then give a surge and selects 1st. its a 2010 Q5 2.0 TDI common rail The only fault coming up on VDCS is "gear selector 2 cannot be regulated" 8090 P176B I have had a...
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    Transporter T4 2003- no communication to Engine ECU

    hello wondering if anyone has any issues with the above fault on a 2003 2.5 TDI Transpoter we have fitted timing belts to the van and now trying to set up the diesel pump timing via VAG COM Our VAG COM will not communicate with the engine ECU at all (not recognised) doesn't seem to have 17 or...
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    2011 seat ibza - coding airbag control module

    Wondering if anyone has had this issue We have a 2011 Seat Ibiza that's needing a new airbag control module. In the past we have coded them no problem by enetering the 3 digit code on the new control unit box (in this case A05) (the help screen on the VDCS explains this too) but there is no...
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    Hello from Akers

    hello Guys we are a small garage in Dumfries Scotland who specialise in VW/Audi etc etc. We have a couple of members of staff who are VW dealership trained (over 15 years) , but now getting to grips with the VAG COM software we will hopefully be able to help out some other guys out on this...
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    Retrofitting Folding mirrors on Touran 2014

    Hello We have someone wanting us to retro fit folding mirror on a 2014 Touran has anyone ever done this before? the main dealer have told this ma it cant be done, but I have looked into this and there is a company in the link below doing it...