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    Hello to everyone. I need your help. in some forums I saw that the dial indicator was changed from 260 km / h to 320 km / h. the people who did it were coded and the car was golf 7.5. but I do not know is it vcds or odis. I share with you a picture. and a full scan of my car. I'm waiting for...
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    VCDS HELP (Ambient Lighting Color Selection)

    Hello there. I have a 2017 model golf mk 7 and ı have a hex net. I watched a video on the internet. I want to apply it to my own car.ı add video and auto-scan.please help me.
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    American park

    Hello to everyone. I have golf 7. How do I use mirrored signals as american parks? Anyone know their codes? please
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    App connect

    Hello there. I own the original hex net. Can I open the app connect with vcds? Does ross tech sell a code about this Can you please help me
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    Component protection

    Hello there. Is it possible to open component protection with vcds? If so how?
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    Vcds mobile

    Hello there. I live in turkey. I ordered the hex net and the elite has not arrived yet. I opted for hex net to use vsds mobile. But I have such a concern. Do I need vcds cloud to access the logs of my past transactions or mobile device logs?