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    Rough start with vag installed

    Bizarre, car always starts right up every time.......except today when I received my new vag tool from Ross tech. I ran auto check and cleared up existing faults. I then was inside engine command trying to find misfire location and decided to start car. She started but was very rough...
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    Newbie question on vag

    I have a b7 rs4 and curious if I buy the vag tool from Ross tech, can I use the tool on my car and my friends or can it only be used on 1 vin ?????
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    2007 a8 instrument cluster swap

    Friend has an a8 (2007) and swapped his malfunctioning cluster for same year and model cluster, however it seems it he new cluster doesn't work 100% and a bunch of lights are on. Can this be corrected with vag tool ?