Is hunting all about killing?

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A week ago, I traveled to Virginia on what I hope becomes an annual tradition - a deer hunting trip in the mountains and farm land of Virginia. I find that many people think me to be nuts! I understand that my personality would render such a conclusion but they seem to feel that the idea of killing a deer is barbaric - is crass beyond belief. After all, I have no need to take the life of such cute animals. I can go to the super market and buy the meat I need to feed my family.

Hello? Aren't cows cute? Doesn't someone need to kill them to have meat to feed one's family? Who are we kidding? To put meat on a table, an animal must die. You don't want to kill animals, then stop eating meat.

Or do I miss the point? Probably as my family says I am clueless on all things.

I go to the woods to hunt because hunting is not easy - it takes skill - not just skill with a rifle or bow, but skill to get yourself in a place where deer might be seen. Judging my success last week, I need to improve on the skill of seeing deer in Virginia. With one exception, the only time I saw the deer was when I did not have a rifle in my hands intending to see deer. Such is the luck of the hunt.

I am asked often why I feel a need to go to the woods, sit and freeze parts of my anatomy that are not intended to freeze, all for naught. The answer is simple: it is during these times of quiet, of little movement, that I can spend time unwinding from all the hustle and bustle of our over-booked lives. I can commune spiritually with nature and with my God. I can appreciate what life was like in a different age when people depended on the skill of the hunter to have meat to feed the family through the winter. And when the hunter failed, the family suffered. The hunter needed to go again and again - looking and searching for food by which the family might live.

In that period of introspection that occurs while on the hunt in the woods, and in light of the Thanksgiving weekend, I am brought to a place where I give thanks for the vision of Uwe Ross in creating this business and creating a place for me. I give thanks for the staff we have brought together for there is none like it anywhere with their capabilities and dedication to serving Ross-Tech's customers. I give thanks for all the customers worldwide who continue to support Ross-Tech and it's family of distributors and partners. I give thanks that through all of this, I am not required to go to the woods and hunt for food, for Ross-Tech provides the means by which my family is housed and fed.

Why do I hunt? So that I am ever mindful of all the blessings that have been sent my way.

Happy Thanksgiving and may the up-coming holiday season be a wonderful season for all our Ross-Tech friends and families.

- Bruce

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