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    For me, the existence of your service is an essential requirement to buy a volkswagen serenely. MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!
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    Why not develop the direction of the Porsche?
    This is a very problematic brand these days
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcgregor32000
    anyone have a fix for the Bluetooth in a 2012 A6 it cuts in and out ?
    ^^Would it be rude to say "Another Luddite heard from"?^^

    VCDS has saved me (and a few friends) TENS of thousands of dollars and many hours of diagnostic time (I have two A8Ls and a B5 Passat). I could not imagine working on either without it. In fact there things one could never find & fix without this (or a dealer) tool.

    The forum is a stroke of genius as far as I am concerned. Pooling knowledge this way is the greatest example of the internet's use. And the wit/sarcasm/banter style - and acceptance of it all - is the greatest example of human intelligence.

    Thanks to all at Ross-Tech.

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    anyone have a fix for the Bluetooth in a 2012 A6 it cuts in and out ?
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    I guess like yourself I like to play with cars but do not do much of the work myself. I purchase several cars a yea on the insurance auctions and have my buds fix them up. I especially love the Audi's and mostly have had the TT models both newer and older. I have a newer Q5 TDI and have had some issues and that is what led me to your product. I am considering buying it and have been told by a few folks that it is very good for recoding and diagnostic troubleshooting.

    I called in on Friday and talked to one of your sales guys and can tell you he was awesome. I am in healthcare consulting and have always been the lead salesperson for years with the highest sales. I love people and could tell your man that I talked too loved his work and was very real. So far I think you guys seem to be really onto something hear and have some cool folks on board. Thanks!

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    After reading your blog Uwe I wonder how you find the energy to be on the forum helping members, I know all too well at work each day about the phone that is constantly ringing and sometimes this does drive a person nuts! I wonder (not checked it on forum) if a sticky thread just relating to questions and answers you have received via email and phone support should be carried over to the forum and have a search facility for members/public (whoever) to search for guided answers, which just might re leave some stress with answering emails and phone calls, where a phone email response message would point members/public to the forum sticky so that they might click a button or something to say thank you I found my answer I was looking for, I don't know just some foot for thought maybe?
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    Internet forums have been the source of a wealth of knowledge for me in the past few years from learning digital photography, renovating the house & looking after the car and more.

    A well run forum grows with its users input and I am impressed by the response and content provided here and that's why I'll stick around and help where I can.

    I'm sure you guys know your doing a good job but thanks for doing it, it's appreciated
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    I use your software at a VW dealership everyday and I love it. I worked on VW/Audi at an independent shop for years and decided to make the move to a dealer. VAS-PC and ODIS are very slow and frustrating to use. VCDS is very user friendly, easy to use. One other tech in my shop has it but doesn't use it, but I think hes coming around after seeing how fast I can take something out of transport mode and print a log file for dealer records. Time is everything when your flat rate! Keep up the good work!