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Think my post disappeared , I have a genuine vcds cable from ilexa purchased a few years ago Hex Usb Can which I assume is unlimited , is there a better/newer cable than this? I'm running newest software
Correct, the HEX-USB+CAN interfaces did not have VIN limitations. However, they do have some compatibility problems with certain 2016 and newer models, and all future development of VCDS is focused on the newer interfaces. That means support for new platforms, new control modules, and new features added to the software will require, for the most part, require the new interfaces.

A HEX-V2 or HEX-NET will be quite a bit faster on modern, CAN based cars (i.e. most cars made in the last 10-12 years).

Ilexa does offer some trade-in credit for their existing customers toward a new interface.

Whether there is a compelling reason for you to upgrade at this time, I can't say. This primarily depends on what kind of car(s) you're working on.