Hello guys,
I have a neu projekt now and maybe you can help me, it has something to do with ECU #16 and #44,
normaly an EPS#44 need some external agle signal, it is an normal CAN message from #16,
I connected EPS#44 to my CanRestBusSimmulation from Audi(it is Audi EPS), but I can not simulate a CanRBS from #16(to complex counter), thats why I always have a "External Agle Fail". then I connect #16(agle sensor) and #44 physically with cable, it was a solution from this problem,BUT now I need one more ECU... Can I hack the ECU#44(EPS) and say :"you do note need external agle anymore, work without it"? Maybe EEPROM programming? Thanks for reading,sorry I saw you write about#16 and maybe you have solution for it.