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Thread: The NostraJackAss make a reality wish thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Dub View Post
    yeah aside from performance differences, there are different lighting (ie LED's etc), sunroof as noted, bigger multimedia screens, more individual options you can choose, slightly updated platform mk 7.5/8 or whatever is current now.
    I ASSume that the e-Golf's LED headlights are federalized. Would they bolt right in?

    It's like the US is a couple years behind euro, and it seems like all we get is the left over scraps from a couple a years ago.
    I prefer to use the mold analogy. When a mold is made, there are a finite number of parts that can be pulled from it. As it ages, the parts start to lose their quality.

    In their German factories, VW uses the molds for up to 75% of their projected lifetime. Then, they carefully pack them into crates, ship them to Puebla (build that border wall dammit!) Mexico, and they are used to make the inferior North American cars.

    Consumer advice to any North American VW buyer - run (don't walk!) away from any potential VW purchase with a May build date. More than one person has reported cars that feel like a Cinco de Mayo hangover with May build dates.....

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    I want to go deep sea fishing.

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    Okay so I bought a mega millions ticket and lost the .5 billion but I bought a power ball ticket, so lets see if I can make those wishes come true.

    Everyone cross your fingers!
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