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Thread: EV Thread

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    ^^^^^ The State of New Jersey giving advice about pollution? Did you mean to post this in the "funny" thread????? ^^^^^

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    @ Uwe and Andy

    yea I understand that things there is a baseline of additional complexity involved when dealing with 2 different types of propulsion systems that must work together.

    complexity of ICE = A
    complexity of EV = B
    complexity of EV+ICE = A + B * X%

    While I know that it is a non-trivial amount, I just don't believe that X% is that much greater than the combined complexity.

    Just as technicians have adapted to increased ICE complexity over the years, and must learn *new* complexity with EV's, that complexity of EV+ICE is (in simple, but not necessarily real-world, terms) a matter of understanding the complexity of both systems, and the design and implementations of the hybrid systems together.

    That simple look of course ignores the reality of varying amounts of tech knowledgeability/experience and how well they can cope with continuous changes, however it is the future that all techs have already, and will continue to need to navigate. See for example the corner garage grease monkey versus the factory trained automotive engineer at a state of the art facility.

    And of course I gloss over the costs involved, both in human (and associated support) and replacement parts factors.

    Anyway, I guess I simply see it as becoming the new norm.

    When vehicles are powered by portable fusion reactors, then our car technicians will be need to be nuclear physicists simply by natural progression.

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    I'd rather drink the beer:

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Dub View Post
    See for example the corner garage grease monkey versus the factory trained automotive engineer at a state of the art facility.
    In some cases the grease monkey will be able to repair rather replace parts though - because the grease monkeys tend to have better knowledge of how things actually are put together than factory engineers/technicians who tend to rely on what their diagnostic tools tell them without having a basic understanding of the operation of the components.

    I well remember an electronics engineer who worked for me who had a First Class Bachelors degree but who had no idea how a transistor worked - because they didn't teach that at his university/college! So he couldn't design or fix many circuits because he didn't understand how they worked... us old timers actually made transistors while at university/college so it wasn't a problem for us.

    This, I think, illustrates that even with complex systems an understanding of the basics is essential.

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