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Thread: Retrofitting bi-xenon Amarok 2013

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    Retrofitting bi-xenon Amarok 2013

    I have installed Oem xenon in my Rok after some instructions I have found from Eballs28 on this forum.

    This is how I want the lights to operate:
    Led Drl have to be on at the same time as the rear parking lights (Swedish rules)
    When it's getting dark outside the Led Drl should be dimming when the headlight comes on.

    My -13 have all options available at the time inc Nav Rns510
    And my BCM module have the number 7H0 937 090.

    With no coding done everything worked as before with the halogen lights except for the Led Drl.

    I have been installing new wires from the BCM T73b/5 and 6 to each headlight connector 10.

    Now to the coding I will need some help with that as the coding instructions from Eballs28 doesn't seem to work for my car.

    This is what worked for Eballs28

    Central electric module 9

    Byte11, bit0 needs to be a 1
    Byte12, bit0 needs to be a 1
    Byte22, bit4 needs to be a 1
    Byte18, needs to have a hex value of 67

    One problem for me is that I cant see all the "byte" checkboxes In my vcds

    When I did the complete Eballs28 coding nothing worked and the xenon was strobing/flashing.

    But when I did Byte22 coding alone and nothing else the Led Drl started working
    But it's no parking light in the rear.

    If I go to byte12 and do bit 0 to 1 the Led Drl comes off and the rear parking lights starts working instead.

    When I cover the light sensor the LED Drl comes off and the Xenon headlight starts working instead . When the Led is suppose to be dimming.

    My Pc crashed today and after a reinstall of windows I can't get explorer to access the internet so I had to take a picture of the coding with my phone and post this from my iPad I hope that's ok

    Coding pic.

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    Please see: How to Get Verified.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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    I bought the bi-xenon DRLs for my Amarok'16 2HBB3A TDI 2.0.

    I went to my local dealer to install them but we are having some issues.

    First of all I follow all the instructions I could find about the installation, this means I connected the t73b pin 5 to the left light and the t73b pin 6 to the right light, both on pin 10.

    n 5 Mass

    n 10 BCM

    n 6 Low

    n 8 high

    n 9 Turn

    n 4 Position

    Also the configuration on my Comfort Module 09 is:

    Byte 11 bit 0 to 1 to activate high beam shutter
    Byte 18 changed to 67 or 65 if using LED number plate lights
    Byte 22 bit 4 to 1 to enable LED module for DRL and Parking Lights.

    Doing this, when the motor is running the led DRL's start flashing as strobe lights, the DRL doesn't work (daylight), and when I turn on the middle lights the LED DRL DIMs which it should do but still flashes all the time. I also have the light bulb fault on my dashboard.

    Could you please help me, do you have any guide, wiring diagram and instructions including codification, on what I should do in order for this to work properly?, what can I do to fix this.

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    please post a full autoscan. i'll have a look...
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