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Thread: passat b6

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    passat b6

    is it there some one could tell me how ca connect active subwoofer to car stwreosubws PB96MTVAPL
    before sw was just pluged to back/rear of old unit but this its look like fosent hace rca connectors at his back xtrons PB96MTVAPL frm se is come 1 blue cable whuch us for controll and aother obe is double rca red/white.

    but as i say at this unit at back i do not have sw conectors sk im need asistance to can do it.
    other info ftom new unit i have rca but they are 2 for front left/right 2 for rear left/right and just 1 conector at which wtite sub but how to use it from my sub is come double rca red/white how to connect it any suggestion please or if slme one have done it?
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    Welcome to the forum.

    First job How to get Verified

    Second job, when you have a problem/query you post a full AutoScan of the vehicle in question. How to post an Auto-Scan whether there are any error codes or not. There is more useful system info in there, how the car is equipped and configured.
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