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Thread: OBDII extension, high visibility life hack

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    OBDII extension, high visibility life hack

    Life-hack.... or more often than not, simple common sense... at any rate for professionals using our HEX-NET, it is highly suggested to use the OBDII extension. The HEX-NET can often times be "out of sight, out of mind" and get left in the car. The OBDII extension helps to reduce that risk.

    So here is a simple and cheap way to make the OBDII extension stand out even more in the car:

    Just slip some colored 1/4" split loom over the cable part. 1/4" is just a touch small, but as a result, it is secure on the cable, doesn't slide or slip around.

    edit - Since it seems it needs to be pointed out... do not drive with your HEX-NET plugged up to the OBDII extension while it is on the dash and with the driver's door wide open. Please put the the HEX-NET safely down beside the seat with the door wide open when you test drive.
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