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Thread: Anyone know what this is?

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    That is a "Small Cell" antenna array. It's similar to the large macros sites you see on large steel poles. In layman' terms the "Small Cell" array's main purpose is to increase band width and fill in coverage holes in built out areas. There are some other side and future use benefits of small cell too. It looks like a typical Crown Castle site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DV52 View Post
    Now, I'm sorry to read that in your part of the world changing meters is an impediment to changing retailers, but this is a problem with your regulation rules (it's not a problem with smart meters). Down here, all the meters are owned by a separate entity (monopoly service provider with regulated prices). We keep the same meter when we change retailer!
    The main impediment to the adoption of smart meters is the many well documented and proven reports of major software errors leading to ridiculously large estimates of bills (12,000 to 20,000 overnight has been reported).

    Unless and until the smart meter industry gets it's act together and delivers a reliable and credible product they will NOT be adopted widely.

    IMHO it's yet another symptom of the appalling lax software testing undertaken by most software companies nowadays, the concept of "Chinese walls" between independent development and test teams seems to have been completely lost (or never even heard of) in most modern software development - the exception being most telecoms companies.

    Another factor reported today in the UK press is that the assumption of consumption cuts of up to 10% (because of better usage data) is not being supported by data from those who do have smart meters - the actual consumption cut is closer to 1%. The high price of energy in the UK has made us all carefully watch and consider all our usage, so there isn't much slack left for the extra data from a smart meter to assist energy usage reduction. Another example of the "green" argument being overstated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    If Thomas Edison's DC grid won out over Tesla's AC grid, it would have meant a gazillion more small generators close to the point of consumption.
    vreihen:isn't this what household solar power is all about (DC generator close to the electrical load - ignoring the AC inverter)?

    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    Considering how "the grid" has grown so large that it is a target for terrorists/hackers and is a huge single point of failure, I'm starting to think that the world would have been a better place without Tesla's interference. Of course, the lamp cord on your desk would probably be made with 2-gauge wire.....
    hmmm....... not sure that I agree - Tesla has to be one of the truly greatest minds that Serbia has ever made (even though he is generally adopted by America)!

    But I suspect that the biggest impact on your DC powered desk lamp would be the wall switch: One of the good aspects of Tesla's invention is that every 16.7 milliseconds (20 milliseconds down here) the AC waveform goes through two zero voltage points - so switching AC is relatively easy because the switching arc extinguishes every 8.3 millsec. DC power systems don't do this - so the only way to switch DC is to wait until the switching-arch becomes long enough to extinguish! That's one of the principal reasons why switches always quote a lower DC voltage than the AC voltage.

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