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Thread: Fuel Rail Pressure Test with VCDS

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    Fuel Rail Pressure Test with VCDS

    Using VCDS to check/test fuel rail pressure on direct injection gas engines.

    This video also shows how different control modules will do things different because that is how the Germans designed them.
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    Great video Jef.........way to go! .......... now add mechanicals to part 2

    NostraJackAss foreseen problem's quatrain & FACTS about Fuel systems :

    When fuel PSI and Volume are in question, never omit doing actual mechanical measurements further use the OBD as a guide to compare to actual specifications obtained.

    Since VCDS only sees what the controller does, this is a very important thing to factor into a diagnostic path.

    OBD also can not detect vapor lock or air PSI being mistaken for fuel PSI!

    "Every time" I get one of those cars no one else can fix, it was because the OBD lied to the past repair shop just like Mr. Meter did!

    Keep these tips in mind and use serious safety precautions when working on the HPP system.

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